Friday, October 17, 2014

How is it October?

Somehow this didn't post!

Holy cow!  I am not sure how almost 3 months have gone by!  We have been up to a lot of fun, a few mishaps and we have done a lot of dreaming.

We got back to school after recovering from all of our awesome summer guests.  Sam got baptized somewhere in there... grandparents came...

Comic Con happened...and Optimus Prime showed up.
Harry worked his buns off...and took a few selfies.
Now we are taking a deep breath in and seeking calm... tranquil autumn. hahahaha as if that can happen with this clan.

HEALTH update:
So I am coming up on six months since my stroke.  FINALLY I got to see a doctor that isn't just interested in giving me more pills. I got in to see the neurosurgeon that saw me in the hospital.  He didn't get to see me much because they were so concerned with my heart that the cardiologists hogged me.  The neurosurgeon said I have had more than one stroke.  We are looking at LEAST two, maybe more. My recovery is amazing but he wants to know why my speech and my legs (two different parts of the brain) are giving me trouble.  He has ordered a set of 3 MRIs to see if he can get to the bottom of some of it.  He isn't convinced it is a heart issue and is worried that something neurological could be to blame. I feel so validated after being told that I may or may not get it back and we hope it doesn't happen again so I should just take 21 pills a day and walk on.  I will do an update after I have had them.  They are scheduled for the 28th.

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