Friday, March 7, 2014

WW2 Monuments at the Harbor

Beach with He Man

He Man was visiting and of course we had to play at the beach! The big kids are having fun digging holes these days.

The beach is right by the Navy base...The planes like to buzz close to the beach. Loud but cool.

Yeasty goodness!

MIL, Catherine read my mind for my birthday. I was pricing pizza stones and was having the hardest time deciding.  I came home from the mall and as if by magic, lol this awesome Dutch oven arrived. I am in love with and the way real yummy goodness of using real natural yeast to make bread.

Children's beach, la Jolla

A few weeks ago we went to Children's Beach for the first time, what a treat! ! Sea lions and their pups everywhere!

Noticed I missed some!

I was cleaning out Dropbox and noticed some pictures I totally missed! A few birthdays and some fun beach trips and did I mention we live in the flight path? I have become quite the air plane nerd.