Monday, May 7, 2012

May Day Flowers, Forget-Me-Nots & Rapunzel

Busy, beautiful week.  My wonderful mother-in-law, Catherine came for a short visit to teach Ellie's babysitting CPR certification, go to Ellie's play and to give me one of the best Mother's Day gifts ever!

This is such a great little book. I am a huge fan of just about all the things our Church leaders write, but this little book is such a gem. If you have heard President Uchtdorf's talk on this subject last year, then you will love this book.  I think it is important even if you aren't LDS. It is such a sweet reminder that we don't have to be perfect and that God doesn't ever forget us.  Lovely book!

Grandma got to visit with the children and do a bit of playing before she moved on to my BIL's house to do a bit of the same.  I am so looking forward to those years... the ones where we can travel to see everyone and take a dip into their lives from time to time.

Ellie's play, Rapunzel, was this weekend too.  She is above in purple.  She had a smaller part, but this was her first time back into theater since she was tiny, so I think her teacher now can really put her talents to good use.  She's in Alice in Wonderland this summer and she's pretty excited about that. I think Sleeping Beauty in the fall.

We had May Day at our house this weekend too.  So much fun. We had over 40 people dancing the morning away and visiting on our property.  It was good for me.  I have gotten a bit frustrated lately with our  space and this really reminded me what blessings I have.  

This week we are getting busy with planting more grass, putting our strawberries in and I got a ton of wildflower seeds to help us with some fencing barriers. 

Life is good :)  Blessings.