Sunday, November 10, 2013

Settled and enjoying things

This blog is boring.  I need to change it up or do better about writing.  My will is not great when it comes to this one.

We left Utah a bit late, partially because we ran out of time and partially because  we had to fight an evil man for our deposit back. That was a nightmare.  The days before we left, we ecaluated how long the pod would take to deliver and switched to a 10 foot truck instead. It all worked out well and we made it to San Diego by dinner on the 12th. We spent just over a week at the lovely Mission Valley Extended Stay. Immediately we began to pray about our new home. We asked Omar the desk clerk to pray. We asked David the Uhaul manager to pray. We went to the Mormon Battalion and asked all the missionaries there to pray.  We asked random folks at the grocery to pray.  We needed a prayer army. It took just over a week, but we finally found a place.

We are nestled near the 805 freeway just off Market Street in a house we feel so blessed to have. Everyone is settling nicely. We are loving the beach.  We can see the Coronado bridge from our bedroom window. We are blessed beyond measure.

Thank you to all that prayed for us.  Now on to making this blog more interesting.