Sunday, January 4, 2015

6 weeks of busy and Happy New Year!

I last posted just before Grandma Pam arrived on December 4th... then a few weeks later HeMan arrived and then my dear friend Debbie arrived.... throw St. Nick, Christmas and New Year's in there and let's just say that while it was an AWESOME ride, I am glad to take a nice breath out this week.

Lots of fun. Sam was in the Nativity play at church, we all enjoyed awesome burgers at Hodads, Ellie and I got some mother/daughter time alone and I can't resist taking a picture of the girls in front of the hippie house in Ocean Beach - it is an International Hostel. 

The Doctor and the little ones enjoying the lights at the San Diego Temple, our beautiful tree, Christ's birthday cake, and our Christmastide celebrations.

I couldn't be more proud of these guys.  They are all different as can be an I love each one of them! I am so blessed to have had them all under one roof, it has been years and so much has happened. My heart is full as we walk into this new year.