Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Going to try something new...

I adore my Stockmar products, but I often have people ask me if I have experience with others, so I am going to  try these Glob pigments.  It suggests using them for play dough as well as painting so we'll see!  Play dough, Easter eggs maybe... painting some botany pictures with Lala.  Could be a good thing!

Botanical Paint Set-Watercolor Pigments

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Sweet Sunday

I love days like today. It was a little rushed and we walked into church about ten minutes late, but Erik and I love teaching Primary and I love love love quiet afternoons. I have been working more and more to prepare myself and my home on Saturday so that Sunday is truly a day of rest and reflection, so having made bread yesterday, meals today were quick and simple. (Thank you to my brand new Nutrimill and the sifter attachment on my Bosch!!)

I helped The Dr. get working on a cute little monster from Rebecca Danger's cute knits, while Lala, He-Man and everyone else relaxed with a game.  Love this yarn, Lala and I dyed it a couple years back with food coloring, it is so pretty! Baby Bird will need a hat from it!

We enjoyed an awesome movie at the recommendation of a dear friend (thanks Debbie!) The movie is called Courageous and it really highlights the need in our time for good men, good Dads, wonderful husbands. It left me feeling so thankful for Papa. He is such a good Daddy. No excuses from him, he steps up to the plate. I am so blessed. (I will say this isn't a movie for little ones because of the subject matter, but there is no sex and no swearing.)

I finished up the weekend by getting our menu down on paper again. It helps when it is pretty *wink* - with moving and the holidays and my Nutrimill being broken, we fell off the wagon a bit. Having so many options when for years all we had was Taco Bell and Jack-in-the-Box made us a bit like kids in a candy store, but of course candy needs limits so we wrote a new menu and I made it pretty. I feel so blessed to have a natural foods store within walking distance and they are full of alternative flours, so we can get back to a more diverse grain selection. Now if we could just score raw milk within walking distance, LOL, but we might need a goat of our own...and some hens...and a lamb for wool...I can't wait to play on our little slice of Heaven in the middle of Busytown.

Blessings :)

Friday, February 10, 2012

Lala's shawl

I meant to have this done for Christmas and then I aimed for her birthday, but I just finished it yesterday. She was so excited. Now I need to find her a shawl pin. She is getting so grown up.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Baby Bird's new hat

I love this hat pattern, it is super easy. I have it linked on - username waldorfessentials.

Isn't she yummy? She sure kicks our butts, but she is such a sweet blessing.

a weekend creating...

We had a class here Saturday with our local group of Thinking Feeling Willing and after they left, I kept creating with the kids. He-man made a great little figure for his big Lego truck and I made a couple figures for Super Sam. Oh and The Dr. has been wanting a D&D figure so I stepped up to the challenge while he worked on some knitting. Such a nice way to end a crazy busy week!