Sunday, June 9, 2013

Six months? Seriously? What a ride...

Life is a journey.  Sometimes it is bumpy. Sometimes it feels like smooth sailing. Sometimes we see the hole in the sidewalk and think we know better. Sometimes we think the hole can be magically filled in by our love, ethics and hard work. When that happens, someone should beat us over the head and knock some sense into us.

It was me.  I walked into the hole.   Thankfully I am out and walking down another street.

When we moved here last year, I was so excited.  So gung ho to get busy and learn from those here.  So thrilled to be with "my people" as my mom puts it.  So eager to share my talents.  It took me six months to realize that I didn't need to walk down that road with the hole. I should have realized that if they wanted the hole filled, they would have hired a contractor. They like the hole. So where does that leave us?  Well we aren't sure right now.  Lately we are just focusing on the priorities that took a hit a bit while we were trying to repair the hole. Our work projects are running behind so I have been working harder than ever to get caught up and bring more to our Waldorf friends.  Thankfully no holes there!

What have we been up to?  I get that a lot. I feel very blessed to work with hundreds of women each month and many of them genuinely want to know how we are doing.  I know that for every family I pray for, there are five praying for us and I am ever so thankful.  I think those prayers are what brought us through these last six months. That hole was deep and the prayers definitely helped lift us out.

We did a lot through the last half of the winter. Easter took us back to LA to play for a few days and we attended WonderCon. Lala start shooting her film (shooting has stalled due to some issues with the director) she also just completed a commercial. She is super cute... she is hoping for more work soon.  Papa is trying to use his film connections and industry know-how to get her into some things here.  She is also eager to attend some auditions in LA on some of our trips that direction. She has been busy.  We finished up sixth grade.... holy cow... how can that be?  We have a few things we need to come back to in the fall and a few things this summer, but overall she is in good shape.  I love meeting the needs of each of them individually!

Super Sam is finishing up his second kindergarten year and is super excited for first grade in the fall. He is turning 7 this week!!  Where has the time gone?  He is so big.

Baby Bird is finally talking. I figured she would be about six months behind her peers.  She has fought us on signing and has preferred to scream instead, but thankfully that is settling a bit now that she is talking more. Her sensory stuff is still weird and after mothering The Doctor, I know that it could stick with her for life, but if we work to give her enough movement and keep her environment calm (haha!  We have five kids remember?!) then she is pretty good. As I type this, I can hear her laughing as she chases Sunbun.  They are peers these days.  I have to work to keep her out of his food.  She crawls on all fours and talks to him, wants to eat her food on the floor with him and generally loves on him more than I have ever seen a child love an animal. He is such a good sport.  Although some days I have plotted his demise. He can be quite a pill at 3 a.m. He is getting old but he is still catching birds and snakes and other things I wish he wouldn't bring me. He is very excited to visit Grandma Catherine for the month of July so he can try his tricks with bats again.

The Doctor is busy.  He just finished his last merit badge before starting on his Eagle project. It was swimming and dang... he is braver than I am.  He had to jump in the water with all of his clothes on, take off his shoes, turn his shirt into a flotation, remove his pants and turn them into a flotation... then a bunch of laps practicing different strokes. Wow.  I couldn't be more proud.  He had some pretty big opposition and struggles with his leaders over this one.  Now he can just scoot along and get going on that Eagle.   We made the decision to let him get started working toward his GED too.  He finished the 10th grade this month and we all feel like he is ready to do more.  He will be leaving on his mission in about 18 months and he would like to get a little college in there first.  He's got a lot ahead of him!

He-Man has been busy working.  He has settled in with his dad and they are getting along pretty good.  I am just glad he is happy and thriving.  He is still homeschooling, but with a charter, he tells me all the time that he misses my lessons!  LOL.  I miss him, but he is here often and I talk to him almost daily so it is all good.

Papa and I are good.  We have weathered another storm and are stronger for it.  We love what we do and are excited for a fun summer.

Thanks for reading!