Sunday, July 15, 2012

Krishna + Llamas

Two things that you wouldn't think about at the same time, unless you were at Llama Fest! The Krishna Temple in Spanish Fork, Utah hosts this fun festival each year. We had so much fun! The Krishna Temple is one of my favorite places, it is so pretty plus the Hindu clothing shop is fabulous! My MIL and I had too much fun there, LOL.

Ellie and Grandma had a great time getting some henna, Llamas of course! I found some great wool sweaters for Sam and Sariah at a great little Peruvian booth. We chanted Hare Krishna and listened to a Beatles tribute band. What an evening!

Love the Farmer's Market

I feel so completely blessed! One of my reasons for wanting to move back to Utah was the awesome farmer's market. Providing more ethnic diversity was a close second...right along with better weather!

Saturday's awesome :)

Crazy Dinosaur Park

I have often struggled with the only depiction of dinosaurs being bones pieced together like a puzzle. Maybe whole to parts is getting to me, LOL, but when I found this place I got super excited. I think Steiner would totally dig this place!

Ogden Dinosaur Park.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Living Room + School Stuff Packed

Oh wait... I forgot I haven't shared why I am going down this crazy road again.

I generally believe that if we have new lessons to learn or if we have worked to attract something to ourselves then things come back to us until we learn the lesson and get it right.

Let me back up.  Thirteen years ago this place was born.  Oh how I pined over it. My ex husband was however not going to even discuss it. He did not like the idea of sharing meals with other people. Sigh. So we moved to Idaho, got divorced, I found my center and my wonderful awesome Erik. Now something you should know about Erik: he is adventurous and likes sharing meals with other people :) When we prepared to move from Idaho to Utah last year, I looked to see if Wasatch Commons had space but they didn't.

We began to settle our spot here with the intent of staying for a while.  We are renting, but it is a half acre and there was a lot of room to roam so we were super excited. Right away we noticed odd things about the 1950's house, but we loved the space and were super thankful for the move so we just tried to look past...the washer & drier in the kitchen...the outdated electrical that kept us from running wash & the dishwasher together... little things. Then one day Erik and I started doing some house dreaming. We loved the land but wished for a different house. So I again emailed my friend at Wasatch Commons and BOOM. We move August 1st.

Remember what I said about attraction? As frustrating as it is to pack it all back up 11 months after settling and as challenging as it makes my summer to work on business as hard as I do and move... I DON'T CARE!!! We are moving to co-housing!!!!  We are all so excited we can hardly stand it. Community gardens. Weekly potlucks. People who are excited for us to be their neighbors. Llamas. Chickens. Sunbun can run and play out his last years (shhh.... don't tell him he is an old man, he still catches bats!)

So again. Living room + school stuff packed. Bunk bed taken apart. Check and check. I figured that if we pack hard two days a week and I work the other 3 mornings and we play our fannies off in the afternoons... well August 1st will be here before we know it!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Super Sam turns six!!

This kiddo...he has changed me so much. Everyone he touches is blessed. He brings so much peace to our lives, even when he is running around being a ninja.

He will start his second Waldorf kindergarten year this fall and we are so excited for his. I think it will be a blast. For right now, he just wants to be a super hero though, yesterday he told le that he has to find out how to make those web slingers...he watches so little tv, but we often conclude that his little spirit must have watched Erik for years, so my guess is he got a lot of comic reading in!

Like all our kids, this one is pretty awesome too.

Goodness I fell behind!

There is so much to update, I will do a couple posts.

Hmmm....we finished up school but left a bit undone that I decided we would catch up on this fall, no biggie.

Ellie was in a short week long theater camp with Ms. Nancy from Up With Kids. They did Alice in Wonderland and Ellie got to be the white rabbit :) and of course, a card, LOL.

Daddy hurt his back and has been recovering for the last six or so weeks.

Super Sam had a birthday too, but I will put those pictures in the next post.