Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Change, Choice, Accountability... and a lot of Faith

Here we are.  Ready for more change. A friend asked me today... "Are you always so..." long pause.... I said "nomadic?" She laughed.  I told her that it wasn't about being nomadic really but more about moving when we feel called to move.  On our recent trip to San Diego, Erik and I were walking through a little shop in Old Town and found this...

Erik squeezed my hand and we promptly purchased it. This is our motto. We aren't lost.  We aren't even really searching.  We are just walking in the path that we feel called to walk. One thing I am learning after the last three years of moving, is that the answer to "are you staying for a while?" is "Maybe."  We love our lives.  We love what we do.  We are following the Spirit.  Right now the Spirit says it is time to go. So we are listening. Where?  We are finally answering the call to head to southern California. Our aim is to settle in San Diego.  When? Soon.  Our aim is October.

When we left Idaho, our dear friend and land lady gave me a big hug and also the sweetest compliment. She called us pioneers. This time I really feel like it.  We have decided to tow a 5x8 trailer behind our van and that is it.  Crazy?  Yeah my mom thinks so *wink Mom*.  We have been working to purge and downsize for the last three years, now we are getting real about it.  My big kids are excited at this prospect.  Starting over.  We would not be doing it if we didn't have full family buy in.  Everyone is excited to start again.  We will each take a few boxes of personal items and of course our clothes. 

I am going to try and document our journey here.  Stay tuned.  Feel free to comment :)

Love and blessings.