Thursday, July 10, 2014

Enjoying Summer

We have enjoyed two weeks of grandparents and sun and beach now we are chillin for two weeks before the best 4 days of the year get started. It is really odd to watch this he of ours be invaded by people like us. Lol. There is a buzz of excitement in our house.

Harry is still enjoying Legoland and was told today that he will likely get carried past the season and he is super excited.

Ellie is excited for upcoming meetings with agents.

Sam and Sariah are enjoying friends and sand :)

Update on me.  I am finally getting in to see doctors. While my legs are better, they are still wonky.   I feel pretty great, lost 30 pounds and am enjoying life. My brain issues still loom, mostly in the form of word recall, hallucinations,  some stuttering and the most irritating my extreme lack of focus, but overall I  am loving life - you should be too.

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