Sunday, April 1, 2012

Twice a year...

We take a complete break. Me being Mormon isn't a secret, but I don't often talk about some of the things we do as an LDS family. Twice a year our church has a general conference and we enjoy quiet time as a family while we listen. The boys often play Legos or do handwork and Lala and I are usually knitting or sewing. This time I did some work during the Saturday sessions, but woke up this morning with resolve to just have a work free day. My Sundays are generally work free anyway, but this weekend is even more special as we listen to the guidance of our leaders. Amazing as usual, truly amazing. I was struggling with a few weighty things before the weekend started and now, with the fabulous counsel given, I am at complete peace. As if our leaders tailored their talks directly to me.

I spent time knitting, resting, preparing.

Tonight we have such a wonderful feast planned. As we are all still lounging in our PJ's, we will gather around the table for this awesome lasagna.

The meal is a favorite here, not like any other lasagna...a homemade cream sauce and the only cheese is a perfect Parm.

Love to all :)

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