Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter!!

The Dr. greeted me this morning by poking his head in my door and whispering He is Risen! So I am passing it on. I was so impressed with him, but a little sad too...I heard him earlier in the kitchen eating his breakfast (despite the fact that there were treats waiting in the next room) he is growing up. Six foot tall. Bittersweet.

Papa and I taught Sunday school this morning. These fresh little spirits wanting an age appropriate story about Jesus. We did just that. I found this book at the library...I can't get through it aloud without crying, so I made Papa read it to the little ones. He cried too. A super powerful book and perfect for today.

Finished Sariah's sweater in the wee late hours of last night.  She is so cute. A nut, keeps us busy but cute.

He is Risen!! Pass it on.

Happy Easter.

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  1. 6 foot! Oh, my. I can't imagine. tho I know my sons will be there in a blink of an eye! Love the beautiful sweater. Happy Easter!