Thursday, February 13, 2014 we go again

hahaha... no we aren't moving.  Actually we LOVE it here.   What I am referring to is trying to keep this blog up.  I am leaving our private Facebook.  I love technology but what I found - with my private account is that I am talking to a lot of people that don't really know me and in all likelihood don't want to take the time, LOL... I don't blame them... to many we are boring.  So I am challenging myself to be more active here with our lives and less noticeable on Facebook.  If you came here to follow up because of my post there, welcome.  If you want regular updates please subscribe and it will come right to your email.

So... what have we been up to?  We have been enjoying the beach and enjoying each other. Lala has some acting nibbles that she is very excited for... The Dr. is almost done with his Eagle project... Super Sam is reading...Baby Bird is still kicking our bums but talking more...HeMan is coming to visit next week... Daddy and I are really just ever so thankful that we get to live in Paradise.   The house we are in isn't forever, but it is for sure a good start here.  We are all excited that we won't be bone tired and going back to a hotel for Comic Con week this year, we can go home, eat real food and sleep in our own beds.

Below are some recent pics... in no order :)  Love to everyone following us. 

HeMan's December visit.

She is so excited to wear the Capt. America shield.

Sam's knitting.

Just me being sassy. 

Part of our beautiful harbor.

G is for Goose.

Not sure who's cake this is. lol. It was yummy.

These two. 

We have been hitting the beach every Wednesday and this week we were joined by the seals.

Blessings everyone!


  1. It looks like you're having a great time! I want to hit the beach so bad, enjoy it doubly for me next week! <3

  2. Melisa; you look great! So good to see all of you looking happy to be living in Paradise! I am glad for you!