Sunday, March 4, 2012

Handwork, chalk boards & media Oh MY!

Seems like I am getting posting time about once every two-four weeks... I am good with that, but will try to use my phone to upload more often.  We are busy, busy on our site redesign and working with our TFW program - I am LOVING the program, I feel so blessed to walk this road with other moms and honored to mentor them.  I am filled with so much joy at God's calling.

Busy at home... we have this short little wall in our living room/school space that was begging for a chalk board! We just used chalk board paint (2 coats was a full quart) and I just love how it turned out.  It takes the creamy chalks very well. Lala and Papa were so nice to take on this project for me!

We've been busy with handwork too.  I love that writing for the program is stretching me with handwork.  I haven't done some of these projects in more than five years and it is sweet to come back to them for Super Sam.

A simple crocheted bag, it is a substitute for the traditional Easter basket:

Crayon roll ups, one is for Super Sam's Easter basket and the other is a giveaway:

Super Sam is modeling a little gnome hat for our give aways that will start at the end of the month on our business site:

Life with so much smart technology has made us decide to have media free zones and days. We decided that Saturday would be media free, meaning no computers, texting or TV during the daylight hours. With the teens in our house, it can feel like I am often fighting media from all sides and working 1000% harder to keep it from permeating Super Sam's life. It isn't nearly as simple as it was when the big kids were little. Our first media free Saturday was great, the only complainer was He-Man - but I think he really secretly enjoyed it. The media free zones are really working wonders and these signs we made are great little reminders.  

Off to enjoy a beautiful Sunday.  The snow is supposed to melt this week and I am hoping we'll see more signs of spring so we can get started on our plot of land and deciding how we'll garden it this year.  So much fun stuff.

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