Thursday, December 15, 2011


I have such a full (but WONDERFUL) plate... I am not even sure I can keep this blog up.  I mean I keep the business one up just fine, but this one is sort of play. The Doctor, He-Man and Lala all wanted to start blogging this year for part of their schooling - they have inspired me a bit to get back to sharing who we are in everyday practice, not just who we are in business. So... let's see how it goes.  I have so many pictures to share of what we do each day.  I walk this walk just like any other Waldorf mom... planning lessons, dealing with children that aren't always cooperative, a baby that doesn't always sleep when I want her to and much more. Here goes.

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  1. Melisa, you are an awesome mom!I just found her new blog by accident. You have inspired me to keep trying and to continue the journey w/ my 7 1/2 year old son. Its hard to believe I only have one in the elementary years now, one in middle school and one finishing her high school journey next year. I have loved your curriculum so much these last few years and look forward to many more. :-)